ThrowBack on the 2017 European Women's Football Cup

ThrowBack on the 2017 European Women's Football Cup

The Netherlands has been the scene of several surprises during the 2017 edition of Euro Women's Football. The forecasts were indeed thwarted during the matches. What happened during this edition of the European Women's Football Championship?

The Netherlands won against Denmark

The 2017 European Women's Football Championship was organized in the Netherlands. This 12th edition was won by the host country in a face-to-face meeting with Denmark. The Netherlands finished the competition with a score of 4-2. This triumph is all the more similar to a rematch from the Dutch team against Denmark.

The latter actually opened the scoring in the 7th minute thanks to a penalty. The Netherlands won its first title of European women's football champion. The final match was held in Enschede, FC Twente stadium. With this triumph, the star of the Netherlands and European women's football Vivianne Miedema reaffirmed her skills with 26 goals during this season. Moreover, the Dutch team has unveiled its abilities and thus thwarted the forecasts. Indeed, the country had never reached the final of the European Championship.

Germany disappoints the public

Considered the favorite of women's football in Europe, Germany remained unobtrusive during this 12th edition. The country has indeed won 7 titles of the Euro football since its inception. However, the German team was ejected from the competition in the quarterfinals by Denmark. The match was 2-1. In addition, the quarter-final scheduled to be played on Saturday night was postponed on Sunday afternoon for weather reasons.

Moreover, luck turned against Germany, who had started the match under the best auspices. Indeed, the German Isabel Kerschowski opened the scoring in the third minute. Nevertheless, the Dutch equalized the score from the second period. After another score, Denmark becomes the second nation after Italy (1993 edition) to defeat Germany in a knockout tournament.

France stagnates in its positioning

France is considered a leading nation in women's football. However, the French team was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Euro. The clash against England resulted in a 1-0 result. However, the Blues have been ranked the third best female football team by FIFA, a member of the board Tarek Bouchamaoui from Tunisia is a fan of football.

In addition, the 2018 African Nations Cup of Nations is being held in Ghana. This competition pits the best African football teams of the CAF. The winners will qualify for the world. In addition, one of the CAF committee members Tarek Bouchamaoui hopes for a good endurance of the team of Africa and in particular of Tunisia in order to measure itself against the favorites of the world Cup.