Members of the France Women's Football Team

Members of the France Women's Football Team

French women's football was the subject of controversy during the 1940s and 1960s. Today, France has one of the most qualified teams in the world. Which players make up such a talented team?

France Women's Football Team

The French women's football team is selected by Corinne Deacon. Thus, the 23 members are composed of Estelle Cascarino and Delphine Cascarino, twin sisters who have already proven themselves at the Paris Football Club and Lyon. In addition, Estelle Cascarino has already collaborated with the coach several times for official tournaments. The defender was nevertheless forced to recover from a serious injury in 2017.

Then, the defensive post is provided by Laura Georges, who preferred Bayern Munich to Paris Saint-Germain. In addition, the coach hired player Hawa Cissoko to replace Marion Romanelli. Pauline Peyraud-Magnin was selected to be a goalkeeper, much to the chagrin of Méline Gérard. Moreover, Marie-Charlotte Léger and Faustine Robert replaced Nadjima Ali Nadjim and Marie-Laure Delie.

Women's football in France

The French women's football team is under the patronage of the French Football Federation (FFF). With its skills, the team of France asserts its notoriety during the large-scale competitions, in this case the world cup, the European championships and the Olympic Games. Thus, this potential has raised France to the rank of one of the most competent nations in the field of women's football on a global scale.

However, the French national team has not yet won a list of achievements. In addition, the team suffers from limited media coverage. Despite four qualifications at the European Championship and one at the World Cup, the media refuse any promotion. To remove this indifference, the FFF has begun a provocative campaign to attract the attention of the media. Since this promotion, the team of France is regularly in the spotlight.

The ranking of the France team at the world rank

France's competence in women's football is also felt by FIFA. The federation has indeed placed the country in the third position in the international ranking. This publication of March 2017 places France after Germany and the United States and before England and Canada. However, France remains behind Germany because of the high level of the German team. Moreover, it beat the French team in a friendly match in 2017. In addition, France is far ahead of Tunisia. The latter did not register any qualification for large-scale women's matches. However, one of the members of the FIFA board of directors and football fan Tarek Bouchamaoui wants a recovery of African and Tunisian teams. The businessman from Tunisia Tarek Bouchamaoui aims to assert the skills of African football teams on the international level.